15 years of building the bricks of the IT Romanian market

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  • 3 March 2022
15 years of building the bricks of the IT Romanian market
HN Services Romania celebrates 15 years !

This is a special year for HN Services as we are celebrating 15 years of our Romanian office, the third largest one after the office in Paris.

Why Romania?

We started our mission in Romania 15 years ago, as HGrup It Expert. Since the beginning, we have been attracted by the level of human competencies and the fact that Romania was in top 10 of international competencies in math and IT. The geographical distance, French speaking people and cultural similarities made us think that we have found a second home for HN quite fast.

15 years later and looking behind, we are very proud of our choice and the people that grew together with us along the time. The people that started their missions in HN in the very first days are still with us and have developed outstanding careers in the IT market in different roles.

With a consistent tradition in the BPO services and called ‘’The Silicon Valley of Europe’’, Romania offered a lot of potential and paths of development for HN. After setting the office, we have accompanied our clients during the development of their nearshore offices and projects and continued to work closely with them and consistently grew our teams.

A continuous investment in people and their professional development

In 2019, as part of the Group rebranding, we became HN Services. During this time, we changed our offices as we expanded even more our teams and now, we have amassed more than 120 consultants working on different projects and technologies.

Even though for a long time COBOL has been our mantra, we have developed our knowledge and savoir-faire towards new technologies that make a difference in the quality and evolvement of our projects. We are proud to have trained in our internal Training Institute almost 300 youngsters, that either wanted to consolidate more the theoretical part achieved during their technical studies or simply wanted a professional reconversion together with HN. We have noticed that it is not the theoretical background that dictates the quality of a good developer, but the motivation, critical and logical thinking that our consultants proved to have when deciding to change their career path.

Since the beginning, we have been guided by our core values: closeness towards our partners, colleagues, communication, and code quality. We like to #changethecode, as this is our mantra. We like to change the code in our relations with our partners, colleagues and of course the way we recruit our future employees.

HN Services, your next career stop

Therefore, if you want to embark on rewarding careers as software engineers, project managers, business analysts, IT system directors and many more, and if you are looking for a company where your skills and talents would not only flourish, but be appreciated and looked after, HN Services Romania can be the right fit. You can always send your resume at hr@hn-services.ro

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