The future cannot be predicted, it must be prepared

Resilience is a priority for leaders today. It is proving to be key to ensuring “business as usual”. It is also necessary to know how to transform in order to grasp an increasingly uncertain and volatile business world and to keep pace with an economy with accelerating cycles. 

A good strategy is a well-executed strategy. Forget about three-year master plans. Bring your internal talents to the fore and exploit the power of collective intelligence. Reinvent your organisation. Challenge your business models. Set a course, give meaning, lead confidently and by example! 

On this basis, HN Services has built its support offer around the following five themes: compagnement autour des 5 thèmes suivants : 

  • Business Transformation (business planning, range of services, governance, etc.) 
  • Business Strategy (benchmarking, business model, innovations, RPA, etc.) 
  • Digital Transformation (Front End Processes, Customer Experience, Mobile Application, etc.) 
  • IT Transformation (Cloud, IoT, Edge, electronic signature, APIsation, etc.) 
  • Operational Excellence (Agile, Devops, Lean, Kaizen, etc.) 
HN Services Conseil

HN Services provides pragmatic and operational input resulting from the experience of its internal consultants and ecosystem.

Examples of HN Services achievements 

Master plan 

As part of the creation of a master plan for an industrial group, HN assigned three of its consultants to build a master plan within the context of an ERP change. 


After analysis of the situation from the points of view of governance, organisation and technology, HN Services proposed a three-year transformation plan based on three different scenarios. 


HN Services advised a young private bank on the design of its “Stock Exchange” services and the definition of the IT resources to be deployed. 


For an insurance consultancy, HN Services carried out a mission to support the transformation of its Service Desk. After a period of analysis carried out in iterative workshops, HN was able to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, propose the necessary adjustments and then accompany its customer through the change phase. 


Supporting our customer, an international retail picking specialist, in the APIsation of its core business system. In four major steps:  analysis of the existing system, benchmarking market solutions, prototyping and large-scale deployment. HN Services was able to open up this Information System to its eco-system. 

They trust us