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Open data, Industrie du futur, Protection des iOpen data, future industry, protecting internet users, internet neutrality, sovereignty, accessibility, promoting digital start-ups, digital education … the public sector works on all fronts.

To make public action closer, more efficient, simpler and fairer for all French people, in all regions, we must rely on a more active digital State”

– Amélie de Montchalin, French Minister for Public Transformation and the Civil Service.

Structured around six issues (simplification, inclusion, attractiveness, control, savings, alliances), the ambitious TECH.GOUV programme involves a large number of players to design and implement digital projects in line with the needs of citizens, businesses, especially SMEs, and public officials.

HN Services has long anticipated government choices. The company has historically focused on key accounts in the financial sector and now supports SMEs in the resources and services sectors with their digital transformation. This sector now accounts for 25% of turnover and is growing steadily.

Since 1989, HN Services has trained more than 7,000 young graduates in management and app development, thus anticipating market shortages.

In 2019, HN Services joined forces with TELECOM PARIS to develop predictive algorithms in the field of information systems supervision. The project is being pursued in partnership with ESIEE and the French national agency for research (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, ANR). HN Services also assists public structures (schools, pension management bodies, etc.) in their digital transition. 


  • Support 

Support creating the new Employer Account Management and Collection system for the main French pension management body.

  • Participation 

Participation in the availability of IT services and the provision of multi-channel content (radio, web, IoT, etc.) for the leading public service radio group.

  • Creation 

Creation of an interactive game for students, accessible on a web app for smartphones, tablets and computers. Players can revise their lessons alone or in pairs and deepen their knowledge through questionnaires and related educational sheets. The platform was initially designed for the French market, and will be extended to European students in 2020.

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