IS production management

Governance involves planning

“In this age of instantaneous and digital technology, it is never pleasant to be informed that your ATMs are malfunctioning or to hear that your website is down through a tweet from a customer rather than hearing it from your “Control Tower”. And it’s not that you aren’t equipped with efficient tools, as you have set up processes and periodic updates, and are surrounded by competent teams 24/7. 

New challenges for supervision  

The new Devops and Agile development infrastructures make it possible to “de-silo” organisations and therefore to make information exchanges between development and operational teams more fluid. We are seeing the emergence of “product teams” that manage their applications from start to finish. Although they make it possible to clarify everyone’s responsibilities and often to rework the incident and change processes, they alone are not enough for an organisation and processes. Visibility needs to be given to the professionals who speak the same language. 

“Governance involves planning”

HN Services supports its clients in the (re)definition of their strategies to supervise their Information Systems: (Re)defining services and/or processes; organisational modelling and choosing tools. This approach is proving to be very effective in aligning IT monitoring with the company’s strategy. 

Are artificial intelligence and machine learning the new keys to production management? 

At HN Services, we believe they are, and it is with this in mind we joined forces with TELECOM PARIS to develop predictive algorithms in the field of information systems monitoring. In 2020, the project is being pursued in partnership with ESIEE and the French national agency for research (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, ANR). Lastly, HN Services is an integral partner for Axway, Centréon and Interact solutions. 

Examples of HN Services achievements 

  • Supervision of IS Pensions & Provident Funds 

Supervision and maintenance (N0, N1 and N2 support) of the Retirement, Insurance and Provident Information Systems, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, for the leading social protection group in France; this applies to all systems (mainframe, Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.), applications and their databases, websites and central and distributed network equipment. 

  • Banking and insurance IS supervision 

Supervises the banking and insurance information systems of one of the largest French banks. Our teams ensure 7 days a week and 24 hours a day the opening of services and the resolution of incidents on a complete technological spectrum (Mainframe, Windows, Unix § Storage, backup, ATM, networks, LAN, WAN…). 

  • Migration

Migration from Java 6 to Java 8 on a Credit Granting application. 
Technical migration of servers from Websphere to Jboss. Implementation of continuous integration processes. 

  •  Support 

Accompaniment of the customer on the whole of the systems activities, until the piloting and storage of the machines. 

They trust us

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