UX UI Design

Designing the customer experience

HN Services can rethink and design your website or app to create the best possible user experience. They need to be optimised to improve the user experience. To do so, our expert UX UI Design teams consider the design, ergonomics, speed and architecture of the site, among other things.

The objective is to increase customer satisfaction and ensure better interaction with the product or service that your company offers. 

Why UX Design ?

Developers are user focused from the outset in order to:

  • Minimise end-of-project maintenance 
  • Optimise exchanges with users 
  • Improve quality 

The user will then have an interface that: 

  • Plu
  • Is easier to learn and faster to use 
  • Reduces the risk of user error 
  • Can be navigated smoothly 

What is the difference between UX and UI?

UX Design :

the back-end of design, mainly includes user research, the definition of personas (user profiles), information architecture, tree structure, interactions, prototyping and user testing.

UI Design :

the front-end of design, which focuses more on the graphic dimension of the site, i.e., corporate style, visuals (iconography, photos), typography, page composition (layout), colours, animations, as well as the design of buttons and navigation elements. 

Examples of HN Services achievements 

  • Conceptual redesign 

Participation in the conceptual redesign (UX) of the trading room portal of the world’s leading network of cooperative and mutual banks. 

  • The customer journey

Designing and developing the customer journey. 
HN Services redesigned and developed the customer experience (UX) within the website and mobile reservation apps for one of the world’s biggest hotel groups. 

They trust us

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