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The health sector is currently facing many challenges: population ageing in industrialised countries, increasingly restrictive regulations, repeated health crises, etc.

The use of technology “in the broadest sense” (software, hardware, bio-tech) in the health sector is encouraging the emergence of a dynamic and innovative HealthTech ecosystem. New products and services are being developed all the time.

Their aim is to optimise health expenditure, promote prevention and thus ensure everyone is concerned by their own health.

For example, connected objects such as watches or bracelets can already anticipate heart problems or detect potential sleep apnoea. In the near future, they will probably be able to measure the level of blood sugar in a patient’s blood and make a rapid diagnosis via digital platforms, thus facilitating the management of a pathology. 

Our technological expertise allows us to develop flexible solutions that meet our customers’ needs and constraints, and comply with current regulations. 

HN Services actively contributes to the development of innovative solutions in this field: platforms to connect hospitals and independent nurses, and patient monitoring solutions that comply with ISO standards are just some of the projects in which our teams are involved. 

Examples of HN Services achievements 

  • Medical 

We created a platform for a group of Spanish clinics to manage patient history: medical and surgical history, examinations during hospitalisation, history of the illness, prescribed treatments, follow-up care, etc. 

  • Advice and support

Advice and support for a prestigious Parisian hospital striving to optimise its time management system. This mission very quickly allowed the hospital to gain flexibility and to eliminate time-consuming tasks for the care teams. 

  • Digital platform 

A 100% digital platform that connects paramedical staff and healthcare institutions in order to fill short term replacements (contact, profile management, schedule).

  •  Pharmaceuticals 

HN Services is involved in implementing regulated apps and websites, for one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We support them with managing and supervising these various projects. 

They trust us