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  • 23 May 2023

Created in 1989, HN Institut’s mission is to support employees in their professional retraining. It trains the best talents in IT technologies (Cobol; Java, .net, mobile apps, etc.).

Through flexible and complete training, we offer people from various backgrounds (biology, mathematics, physics, mechanics, chemistry, etc.) the possibility of being accompanied in their first step in their technological career.

You will find below 3 testimonials from HN Portugal who have been trained by the HN Institute.

Luis’ testimony

“Hello, my name is Luiz Neves, I have a degree in biology and before discovering HN, I was a teacher in a study center. I was quite dissatisfied with the job I had at the time and was looking for an opportunity that would offer me better working conditions and development prospects.

It was then that two years ago, in March 2021, I saw an HN ad on Linkedin aimed at people from various backgrounds, who wanted to retrain in IT. I recognized myself perfectly in the job description and ended up sending my CV.

The first challenge was the selection process. There was no interview, it was “only” logic tests to test the candidates’ logical reasoning. It went like this: Those who did well on the test were found to be able to learn to program. I managed to pass this test and right after that I received a contract proposal from HN to do the training (with a salary). When I finished the training, I started working for one of the company’s clients.

The training was a real challenge for me because it involved technologies I had never worked with, but I didn’t give up. After the training, I worked for the client and the trials continued. We always work in international teams to discuss, realize new projects and make constant improvements. Without a doubt, with each passing day I feel that I am evolving professionally. I am very happy to have gone through the HN academy.

One piece of advice I can give to anyone who finds themselves in a situation similar to mine two years ago (job dissatisfaction) is to always be on the lookout for opportunities like this at HN , and, that, whenever possible, they study (be it logic, programming languages ​​or other things related to this field) so that, when the opportunity arises, they are ready to be among those chosen in the selection process. During the training, the advice I can give is to be calm and patient. There is a lot of information in a short time, but in the end “it will be fine”

David’s testimony

“I attended the HN training center 6 years ago and it was a good experience. Before that, I obtained my Masters in Civil Engineering. I then chained small jobs in the IT field because I have always had a certain interest in this field.

As soon as the opportunity to join the HN Institute presented itself, I seized this unique opportunity in order to be able to improve my technical skills and learn from experienced professionals in this sector.

The greatest challenge of the Academy was to meet the technical requirements required by training in a field different from that of my studies. However, I managed to move forward smoothly with the help of trainers and colleagues.

For people who wish to join the HN training, my advice would be to always be open to learning and to be proactive in the search for ever more knowledge. Being ready to work and collaborate with colleagues is important in order to quickly gain experience and develop technical skills. Also be open to new technologies and trends. They can be the key to success in an ever-changing IT industry. »

Catharina’s testimony

When did you start your training at HN?

I started training 2 years ago.

What is your graduate and professional background?

My journey began with a background in chemistry, technology and food safety. I started working in the area of ​​food quality, but the pandemic made it difficult to work in this sector. I ended up looking for something else, I sent a CV to HN because I wanted to join the Academy. When I was offered to learn the Cobol language, I accepted. I am delighted with this change.

What was your biggest challenge during training?

The biggest challenge during the training was to learn a new programming language without any knowledge in this field so different from mine. However, with hard work, study (and a great teacher!), I managed to achieve the goals!

The material, the support and the application of what we learned, has been the key to the success of my journey.

What are the main difficulties and changes according to you in the IT sector?

The main difficulty was working in the IT sector, programming in an environment so different from my previous experience. But the adaptation was easy, and I’m very happy with it.

Do you have any advice for those who would like to join our training center?

My advice is not to give up wanting to fight to retrain professionally, or to realize the dream of being a Developer, to change your life and career. I recommend the Hn Academy, it’s a great school and I now have a good background to show that the students of the Academy become excellent professionals!

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