Mainframe z-OS

This series of training units is designed to enable the candidate to quickly integrate into a software development team in business computing. It will give him the necessary experience to exploit, on the field, the most requested technologies in z-OS environment.

Pauline AKAKPO Mainframe

With this training, I will learn :

  • Modeling my cobol processes
  • To configure my test environments
  • To code my cobol programs
  • To ccess to DB2 databases

Training details - 45 days

Learn how to navigate ISPF menus, and how to manipulate a file editor in order to write programs.

Introduction and implementation.

This language is necessary for the definition and execution of Cobol programs. Utilities are important for the preparation of data files.

The JCL, VSAM and AMS, DFSORT, OS/390 (z/OS) system presentation.

An important step in program design. This modeling method allows programmers to produce better structured code, thus reducing maintenance costs for many.

Generalities, Numerics, Modeling a process.

The flagship language for mainframe developers. It allows you to write all programs executed in a mainframe environment.

General presentation, Data management (part1), Sequential file & simple orders, Editions, Updating a sequential file, Data management (part2), VSAM files, Tables, Subprograms. 

Data management technology. It brings a more structured way (relational management) to manage data in information systems. This part allows to see the technology in its entirety, and to manipulate the associated language (SQL).


Use of DB2 technology within Cobol programs (Batch).

Modeling, Advanced SQL LMD, DB2 Catalog, Integrated SQL, SQL LDD.

Implementation of DB2 technology in CICS programs and implementation of complementary utilities.

BATCH & DB2 programming, SQL/DB2 programming, utilities.

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