The objective of this training program is to enable the candidate to quickly integrate himself into a software development team in business computing. It will give him the necessary experience to exploit, in the field, the most requested technologies in C#, MVC .NET environment.

Formation DotNet

Romain CAYLA Design and Development Engineer

With this training, I will learn to :

  • Develop in the Visual Studio environment
  • Program in C#
  • Develop ASP web sites
  • Using the MVC Framework

Trainings Details - 20 days

HTML is the universal language used to program and communicate on the Internet.

Generalities, creation of web sites with the HTML language, study of the different tags.

CSS is the language we use to style an HTML document. CSS describes how HTML elements should be displayed.

Formatting with CSS of different elements of a website (tables, form, buttons, drop-down list, menu).

It is a generic markup language whose initial objective is to facilitate the automated exchange of complex content.

General information on XML, XML syntax, Document Type definition, Dynamic Object Model, XPATH, XSL, XLINK, XML-SCHEMA.

Introduction to object-oriented programming (OOP). Progressive and illustrated presentation of the essential concepts and associated know-how:

Writing and using classes, adding constructors and accessors, encapsulation, managing objects in memory (notion of object reference), linking classes: association and inheritance, redefining and overloading methods, static members, exception handling.

VS is an IDE (integrated development environment) allowing the creation of projects with different programming languages ( C#, VB, …).

Startup window, project creation, solution explorer, menus, error list, output window.

Github is a web service for hosting and managing software development.

Manage projects and solutions with GitHUB and Visual Studio Community.

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft that runs on the .NET Framework. It is used to develop Web applications, business applications and other applications.

Syntax, data types, statements, methods, classes, files, exceptions.

A project whose objective is to confirm the knowledge of OOP and the basics of C# programming with Visual Studio.

The application must manage the averages of the different subjects of the students and classes of a school.

Learn about the MVC pattern using the .NET framework, controllers and views.

Create a web application, Add and structure a model, Use a database, Add search and validation functionality.

The objective of this project is to confirm the knowledge acquired in the development of MVC .net applications. The application must manage the display of a list and the use of a form by respecting the MVC pattern and the coding modes of this type of applications within the EID teams.

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