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Ressources et Services

In light of changing consumer behaviour, with less loyal customers who are now more inclined only to pay for what they consume and who are more socially responsible, the resources and services sector must constantly adapt. Product offers and distribution strategies have shifted to meet consumer expectations. The process of supplying goods has had to be optimised in order to deliver within shorter and shorter timescales and the constraints of lean manufacturing.

The resources and services sector is constantly innovating and moving towards delivering increasingly personalised products. Technological and algorithmic developments support this innovation and give rise to new offers and the creation of new services.

For nearly 40 years, HN Services been providing its customers with its technical and operational expertise, and demonstrating its responsiveness and commitment, by offering individually-adapted solutions to each of their problems. Our team is available to share its experience and help you meet your challenges.  


  • Energy

Creation and updating of the city gas information system for a French energy supplier.

  • Design 

Design and development of a mobile car rental app for B2B for one of Europe’s leading mobility operators.

  • Logistics 

Maintenance and evolution of the Information System for a European customised logistics specialist, according to the strategic orientations taken by the group or driven by its customers.

  •  Transport

Development of the interfaces between the IT systems & the TMS (Transport Management System) market tools, for this world leader in international transport.

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