Women in the IT industry

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  • 16 March 2023
Vanessa Fins, HN Portugal.

Today we introduce you Vanessa. She shares her feeling about being a woman in the IT industry.

“My name is Vanessa, I’m 34 years old and I’m the Team Manager of the AMS L1 team on volkswagen project.
I live in Portugal, in the Oporto region.

I have a degree in Languages and my career started by teaching foreign languages. In 2018 I made a professional reconversion to the IT world. I had the opportunity to join a French company, which offered me basic training in Paris in this world of new technologies, where initially I was a little “scared” when I saw a Linux terminal window 🙂

The truth is that with time, I discovered many more “Linux terminal windows” and acquired new experiences in this huge world that is IT. With curiosity and motivation, we can go far, even without training in the area. It is important to have a spirit of mutual help among colleagues because there is always something new to discover!

In this IT world, where most workers are men, there are several stereotypes (as in other professions). I have never felt excluded, and I have never felt discriminated against, which is a good sign. It means that we are on the right track, even though we are in minority. I think that with the current trend, in the coming years there will be many more talented women in this type of service, and together we will be very successful!

To finish, in my opinion, there is no question women are in the minority in the IT Business, but our presence is more than beneficial, because of our attention to detail and way of organizing. Those are keywords for success! “

For the international women’s rights day, we highlighted our women within HN Services.

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