The future of the IT world

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  • 27 June 2023

We asked one of our collaborator the question: in your opinion what would the future of the IT world look like?

The future in the world of technology is rapidly changing and, at times, it seems to be somehow uncertain, but I for my part have it clear: the way forward, already proven and already present in our lives, and still with immense potential to explore, is that of artificial intelligence.

Whether through voice recognition, facial recognition, digital platforms, automated cars, navigation, advertising, and even the generation of individuals who make you doubt whether they are human or not, all of it may raise questions: Are we on the right track? Our society is making laws to control this revolution but… will it be enough? Is technology advancing too fast for its own regulation?

I think there is no need to dramatize. Artificial intelligence offers us possible solutions to complex problems that we could not conceive of just a decade ago. The future will always be ours, with the many opportunities and challenges that we will find on it’s path.

Alberto Valencia, Data Analyst SAS/ Python from HN Espana.
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