Happy European Day!

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  • 9 May 2023

Immediate boarding to Europe ✈️

Today, we celebrate the unity and diversity of Europe, as well as our international positioning at HN Services.

As a forward-looking company, we are proud of our subsidiaries spreaded across Europe. From Paris to Porto, from Madrid to Bucharest, our teams work hand in hand to offer innovative solutions across borders.
We are grateful to be part of this great European community and to contribute to its development.

For the occasion, we had the opportunity to interview Marisol Fernandez, our Talent Recruiter, about her feeling about being European and also, working in a European company.


What I like most about Europe is the opportunity it gives us to travel with ease around the whole continent; just with your ID you’re allowed to travel from place to place without any issues; and me having a passion for travelling around europe that comes in handy. HN being in one of these European countries also give that same opportunity to it’s employees, being able to grow not just in your home town but maybe in another country. I am proud to say I am European and also have that European mindset of welcoming everyone!

HN Espana

What do you like the most about HN Services?

What I like most about HN is it’s international scope, giving me the opportunity not only to put in use my English but also learn a little bit of French. My job is in the HR department and I love it; I get to meet new people everyday and hear their different background stories.

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